What’s Your Sign?

We got a new sign, by we, I mean C3 got a new sign.

A sign is an object whose presence indicates the probable presence of something else.

We are bombarded with signs, there are signs everywhere. We have grown somewhat callous and numb to signs. And I’m not just talking about physical billboards or advertisements. I mean, we have lost the ability to interpret signs. Not every sign is a giant neon flashing “indicator of the presence of something else.” I am concerned we’ve lost what it means to be really human. To be part of society means to look for and sympathize with those who aren’t fighting the same battles you are, who aren’t haunted by the same demons that haunt you, who don’t struggle the same way you do.

Have we lost our capacity for sympathy? Have we lost the virtue of compassion?

Over and over people demanded signs of who Jesus was. They wanted Him to do something that would “wow” the masses. As a sign of the power of what was behind his compassion, humility, selflessness, and love.

What they didn’t understand, is the compassion, humility, selflessness and love…those were the signs. Jesus repeatedly saw the masses and had compassion, He came not to be served but to serve, He gave us a sign of what love looks like.

So, as God’s own chosen people, who are set apart, by God Himself, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience; bearing graciously with one another, and willingly forgiving each other if one has a cause for complaint against another; just as the Lord has forgiven you, so should you forgive. Beyond all these things put on and wrap yourselves in unselfish love, for everything is bound together in agreement when each one seeks the best for others.

So…can I ask…what’s your sign?