What is THAT?

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.58.13 AM
So what’s the deal with the big green blob? What does it mean? Why am I seeing it so much?

Here’s the scoop. That is a place marker. That green teardrop shape is meant to denote where something takes place, where something is happening. That is the logo for C3.

After discussion, prayer, work, and some refining, we have decided to adopt the green “pin drop” as the logo for C3. We chose the color green because, well, this is Maryville, home of the Bearcats, and the Spoofhounds. But also because green means go, green means action, green is where things start.

You see, I have said over and over and over again that the church is not a place, which means that C3 is not a place. Sure, we meet at 24899 Icon Road on Sunday mornings, but C3 is not 24899 Icon Road. C3 is people, C3 is you and me. C3 is us. And so we need a symbol that signifies that. You see, when a group decides to go to the park and play games, that is where C3 is. That is where our pin drops. When a group is serving by raking a yard, or caroling, or working on a project, that is where C3 is. C3 is not a place. C3 is a group of people, demonstrating God’s love, and Showing People Jesus. Anywhere we go, that’s where we are.

We believe that the church is supposed to be outside of the walls of any building. We believe that we are people called to be on the move, called to be active, called to community. We want a symbol that demonstrates that to the city and communities that we call home.

We have multiple opportunities to demonstrate what this means coming up soon.
On July 16th, we are putting a float in the Nodaway County parade. We are going to be C3 in the parade. WE are going to be C3 in the community.

We also want to share this idea as we move into the community to encourage and invite people to VBS on July 18-22nd. We are people, motivated by love, called to action. Let’s get out there.
here to serve
This is the symbol of C3, we are ordering shirts ($8 – call or text Nick 660.254.7738 and let us know) for anyone and everyone who wants to join the mission of C3 and who wants to Show People Jesus. We believe that we will see transformed lives, families and communities through the love of God, at WORK in US.