The Importance of Timing

“Timing is everything.” I can’t believe how many times I’ve believe that statement in just the last few weeks. In everything from the trivial to the momentous, timing really is (almost) everything.

Timing impacts music, timing impacts sports, timing impacts communication, timing impacts decision-making. Timing can truly be one of the most important factors in our lives.

Timing was crucial in the decision last Sunday to not have services at C3. If the rain had started slightly later, or the temperature dropped slightly earlier, we could have been more prepared. If the weather would have held back for 2 more hours, we would have had a regular Sunday morning service, and it would have not impacted our day greatly. However, that is not what happened. Timing.

Timing can turn bad news into horrible news. Timing can turn the ordinary into the devastating. Timing is vastly important.

I’ve heard entire sermons and lessons based around part of a part of a verse in scripture. In the book of Esther, there is a little phrase that says “…for such a time as this…”. And while this is a principle that can be empowering, I think sometimes we have a distorted view on God’s timing.

We find scripture that can be very comforting in regards to God’s timing.
You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. – Romans 5:6

“I love that verse. Print it with a panorama of a meadow and hang it on the wall.”

We picture God, sweeping in on a rope and saving us from falling off the edge of a cliff. Our hero. That, however, can lead us to a place where we don’t want to be. We can start to create a god that looks like what we want him to look like, and acts like what we want him to act like, and loves us, and hates what we hate. Because we want the comfort of a god who has our back, who supports us and gives us hugs, and never lets anything “bad” happen to us, and cares for us even when we don’t deserve it.

What we don’t want to accept or understand, is that God’s timing, is something we may never understand. We don’t like the themes in scripture where we are told to “wait on the Lord”, or that we may not know the “times or hours”.

I can tell you what scripture tells us repeatedly, both thematically and directly. To trust in the Lord. Trust. Our desire to understand timing and the belief that something happened in “bad timing” ultimately says to those who are listening, that we don’t trust in the Lord.

My prayer is that we desire trust over understanding. My prayer is that we understand that God’s timing, is never wrong. My prayer is that we Show People Jesus.