This week several of our guys had the opportunity to participate in the Area Men’s Meeting in Mound City, Missouri. It was a good time, we had great food, and we were challenged in a very specific area of our spiritual lives.


Jim Hardy, who is a pastor in Omaha, shared with us about our prayer lives. He challenged us to “pray simply, and pray often”.

He used some examples of Jesus from Luke 11. The thing that stuck out to me that he said though, was that “if you have a good plan, and a good prayer plan, you have the potential for miracles”. He was talking in context of the church and the leadership plans and teams around the area. Steve recently initiated a prayer ministry at C3, and we are trying to renew our focus and commitment on seeking and striving after the will of God in all situations. This starts with prayer. Plain and simple. If we are not praying, we are simply doing what we want to do. God wants us to ask him, he wants us to ask him directly, not using flowery words or poetry necessarily. God also wants us to have the audacity to ask Him repeatedly.

I thought about this in respect to my own family. If one of my kids flippantly says, “hey, can I have this?” It is really easy to pass off. But if one of my children is consumed with something, if they have a passion for something that is beneficial to them, a desire deep inside of them that can’t be quenched apart from what they are asking for, I am glad to give them the desires of their heart (within reason of course). The last part of Luke 11 talks about how God is willing to do the same for us. If we ask simply, directly, and repeatedly. I’m not saying there is a magic formula to prayer, but I am saying that in order to “follow” God, we need to make sure we are asking Him to lead us.

Please join us, your leadership teams, your pastoral staff, and many many families at C3 in praying for God’s direction and leadership to be revealed to us.

We can’t do it alone…and we definitely shouldn’t do it alone.