As a Missionary…

Hugh Halter describes the way of living that we are called to as American Christians, as “missionary-ish”.
As a missionary, things will have to change. I’m not going to only stay in a safe and secure community that believes everything the same way I do.  I won’t segregate my children from people with different values or religions.  They might see and hear and pick up on things that trouble me, but I will trust God and His promises with that. If I avoid or ignore those things that feel dark, I lose my ability to be light in our community.

As a missionary I’m not looking for what I can get, I’m focusing on what I can give.  I don’t expect governments and culture to value the same things I do.  I might be looked at differently or even looked down upon because my values are different than the culture.  But that’s okay, because my primary motivation is not to get rich, or be safe, or build a career.  My goal is to live the good-news life.

As a missionary I am not going to be comfortable all the time.  I will choose to sacrifice comfort and my schedule and priorities for the sake of God’s kingdom. I know that there’s always a chance that I will be sled to give up everything, even the shirt on my back.  So I will not put stake or high value on things, because I truly know and live in a way that says my stay here is only for a while.

As a missionary, I work to actively and extravagantly love the people around me.  I will not accept, or approve everything they do.  But I will live with the knowledge that love is patient, kind, humble and generous.  I will love people by how I spend my time, by how I spend my money, and by the attitude I have toward the culture God has placed me in.  
Even when people disagree with me, I will be known as someone who loves…as a missionary.